Root to Fly Yoga is an all-levels class that incorporates alignment principles, breath-synchronized movement, mantra, mindfulness, and poetry. Themes are explored that unify life experience with somatic intelligence and heart wisdom. The practice is designed to connect deeply with ourselves through the powerful gateways of the subtle body and the vast, heart-opening, mind-expanding, philosophical framework of yoga.


Nothing changes until something moves.
Albert Einstein


Conscious Dance

Root to Fly Movement is a tapestry of conscious dance, creative expression, shamanic ritual, meditation, breath, and tribal movement.  Each experience is unique, anchoring into a theme and sequence of elements that change shape each time we practice.  We experience what is possible when the movements that come through us are expressions of our soul’s wisdom, our heart’s desire, the clarity of truth, and our connection to the earth that nourishes us.  To conclude each practice, we anchor our experience by exploring how we can take this practice into life.

Liz’s class schedule is coming soon. She is also available for workshops and private sessions for small groups and individuals. Call or text: 469.363.0868 or email.

Throw the doors wide open
and step into the enormous palace
inside of you.

Breathe into every space.
Feel every sensation.

The joyful warmth
of shared love
and the vast emptiness
that sometimes echoes around your heart.

The excited clarity
of inspired thought
as well as that clustered maze
inside your head.

That deep spread of satisfaction
at the end of a good day
and the tight knots
that curl into the pit of your belly.

It’s your body.
It’s the field of your experience.
It’s your true home.
It’s where you belong.

Jane O’Shea