Ecopsychology is the study of the interdependent relationship between human beings and their natural or built environments. While mainstream ecopsychologists focus primarily on the influence of the natural world on the human psyche, at the heart of Liz’s transpersonal approach is the origin of the root “eco”.  It is derived from the Greek word oikos, meaning household, dwelling, or home.  Transpersonal means “beyond the mind” and embraces the interconnectedness of the individual psyche with the transcendent dimensions of the human experience.

As embodied human beings we are intimately connected to our sense of place and the living spaces that we inhabit. There is a reciprocal, kinesthetic relationship that exists between human beings and their environments that begins at proprioception, where while in utero we identify how our bodies exist within space. We experience the interdependence of movement and touch; learn how one cannot exist without the other; and sense how what we do has a direct, corresponding effect on our environment.

Once the magnitude of that connection is brought to light, the intimacy of the home as sanctuary becomes fertile ground for evolutionary self-exploration and acts as a creative vehicle for self-expression, all within the invaluable psycho-social elements of home that are readily available to each of us – a sense of refuge, security, safety, privacy, warmth, and heart of our living habitat.

The Root to Fly ecopsychology process supports the desire for reinvention of existing living spaces stimulated by significant life events such as death, divorce, birth, change in job, or a simple sense of stagnant energy, as well as transitions from one home to another.   Liz engages with you to design a blueprint for co-creating your living environment and assists in setting goals that best serve your unique vision through:

deep, integrative time in the home;

creative process;

ritual and ceremony;

awareness and contemplation of beauty;

working with sacred objects;

communion with the natural world; and

embodiment practices that align home, body, and heart.


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why did no one
ever teach you
that you cannot
turn people
into homes?
People are rivers,
ever changing,
ever flowing.
They will disappear with
everything you put
inside them.
your home does
have a heartbeat.
But it isn’t one
locked in
anyone else’s
look inside
your own.

Nikita Gill