Do you make regular visits to yourself?



Liz produces weekend immersions for in-depth study of yoga and conscious dance with nationally recognized master teachers. Her passionate adherence to movement as medicine propels her intention in gathering community, and for creating experiences that offer a crucible for deep investigation and expansion.

For facilitators: Liz’s organizational skills insure that key elements of the experience are seamless, making space for your creative freedom and attention to the participants rather than concern for details.  Liz’s left-brain sensibilities combined with her right-brain receptivity for art and movement inspire creative promotional materials and widespread, robust outreach.

For participants: Liz holds a strong, spacious, nourishing container so that you can fully drop into your experience. For traveling guests, Liz supports you in finding housing either within the community or at hotels within your price point. Liz is available throughout the course of the event as your single point of contact for questions and logistics.

Future events coming soon.