Yoga and Conscious Dance

Liz is a gifted teacher and if you are simply open and willing, she guides you on a journey of the soul, mind and body. Each time, I get what I need. I have become so open and free in my dancing, I have been challenged with yoga poses, and the judgments I held in my mind have been blown to bits! I am thankful for Liz and I look forward to each practice!
Ella Lee Tritton


Liz offers a creative crucible where sound and thought and heart and body converge to stir up new levels of awareness and joy. Just the tone of her voice places one in a receptive mode of mindful/heartful presence and participation. She sparkles in this her beautiful dharma of giving. Her instruction is clear and enabling, dancing truth of self – hers and ours.
Mark Head


It is a real treat to be held in the dance in a space of sacred mindfulness and attention. Liz provides beautiful spaciousness which allows me to find my dance swiftly without distraction. I am able to dive deep into my practice, fully embodied, empty-minded (the yoga is great to open up first!).
Mati Vargas Gibson, Certified 5Rhythms Teacher


The journey of the dance enters a deeper, more healing realm when Liz is at the helm.  It begins with her words of wisdom, the planting of a seed that the collective group then nourishes as her music leads us on a path deep into the psyche before lifting us into high spirit, release, and the sheer joy of the dance of life.  I leave her dances buoyant in heart and soothed in soul having been held to the bosom of the Goddess by the amazing Liz.

Camilla Figueroa, MSSW, Co-Director of Dharma Yoga Austin


I have had the pleasure of dancing with Liz for over five years. I have richly experienced and benefited from the gifts she offers to the dancer and the community. Liz provides a grounded presence. She skillfully guides one to reconnect with breath, floor, one another, what is here, now. Her emotional honesty and transparency become windows to more deeply see into oneself and to relate to the other more authentically. Through story, humor and at times raw feeling, Liz will lead one into depths of feeling and self-exploration. And while journeying, offering experiences that are sublime beauty.  This only happens because she so capably feels and holds the many threads that spin from our hearts, sensitively weaving them into something new and unforgettable.

Kevin Nielsen



Liz is a true professional, a joy to work with and an inspiration. Her warmth and generosity have brought together a fabulous and vibrant community of dancers. Through her own healing work with 5Rhythms, conscious dance and meditation, she is a living example of the power of transformation. Now her path brings her to share this same healing with others. We are fortunate to have such a force among us bringing the light of liberation into the world.
Lucia Horan Drummond, Certified 5Rhythms Teacher


To be produced by Liz Tucker is truly to be held in a sacred art form. As a workshop leader being held by Liz I am nurtured and nourished in her temenos of commitment, dedication and determination. Her attention to detail, her creative capacity and vision, her affinity for expecting the unexpected with calm and grace allow me to relax and align solely to the task of teaching. It is like having a silent and invisible hand supporting and comforting the back of my heart. I become expansive and expressive standing in the soil she has tended and tilled. Liz creates an environment where both the participants and the workshop leader can bloom.

If you are currently being produced by Liz consider yourself blessed. It means that she loves the work that you are offering into the world and that she will leave no stone unturned connecting your work to those needing the gifts and medicine that you offer. I am indeed blessed to have been held in her sacred art form of producing for the past 7 years and more importantly I am blessed to have her as part of my intimate and immediate family.

P.S. Liz is truly an amateur producer…from the French which means “lover of”. You know instantly she loves what she is doing.
Michael Molin-Skelton, Co-Creator of Sine Cera Movement


Liz was clear, articulate, and timely in her written and phone communications with me, and responsive to all my needs and suggestions regarding both the event and my needs around accommodations, food, rest, airport rides, etc.  These may seem like small details, yet it is when all these details are attended to, I as a presenter feel fully supported, cared for, and enabled to do the best possible job delivering the workshop. In her contact with the participants Liz was personable, warm, inclusive, and attentive to individual needs. Her love for conscious movement, apparent in her own work as facilitator and other life choices, was helpful in assuring the success of our endeavor.

Zuza Engler, International Leader of Conscious Movement and Embodied Inquiry



I had been struggling to find the right spot for meditating, practicing home yoga, journaling, tarot, and the like. Liz breezed into my home, took an astute and critical eye to my living quarters, and zeroed in on the perfect spot ~ the office that I had been under-utilizing mostly as a storage receptacle. Before my bewildered eyes, Liz started carving out this little calm oasis in the midst of the chaos of my home. Liz has the incredible gift of intuition. She sensed into my home, feeling the energy, and directing me to the right spot for my personal practices. The work she set up for me a year ago is still relevant to me today. She made creating a space in my home fun and exciting and gave me the tools necessary to keep my space growing and evolving as my personal practice shifts.
Katie Toohil


I appreciate how seamlessly Liz was able to engage with us to weave the functional and sacred into our new place. She immediately understood my desire to simplify and to cultivate a clearer vision for what was important to us in our new home. The transformation that occurred in the middle of our transition was amazing. What speaks to me most is the sense of sanctuary that greets me as I move within the space now. Thank you, Liz, for creating so much beauty and peace inside!
Randall Cauley


I invited Liz into my home to help bring in more beauty. This process was so much fun, for Liz is a bright, creative, and joyful person. Aside from having a joyous experience, I was left with a transformed home, a home that somehow felt more like “me” after she left. Liz has a tremendous ability to create points of stillness, which lead to holy encounters with the Divine by creating altars of beauty and mystery in the most unexpected places. I used to only find deep meditation in a designated area of my home, but now, I walk through my home and am reminded of this incredible peace in the simplest act of getting up to get some water from the kitchen, or passing through the hallway. I am so grateful for such an opportunity to live in a space that has been transformed in this way.
Shanti Webb Nolen


Liz has a gift for uncovering the sacred in a space by choosing objects and art pieces that have meaning to you, clearing away the clutter to create a place of comfort. I’m in integrative medicine. Liz arranged my office space, and my clients tell me it feels like a sacred and safe place and that the healing begins when they first walk into the room.
Linda Ball, CCH | LMT